Costa Rica Retreat - March 2013

I had the fortune of attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with Dawn Balfour. Dawn organized the location and fees, and was very helpful in organizing travel. The location and classes were even better than I could imagine. The resort was the perfect backdrop, with beautiful scenery and delicious nourishing food. I left the retreat feeling energized, calm, and my body felt terrific. Dawn is an excellent instructor who intuitively structures each yoga class to her participants. It feels like she can read the group conscious, tweaking and adjusting each class as required. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious!! If you get the chance to join Dawn in a class or retreat, you find it a wonderful experience.

              Scott Schneider, Barrie, Ontario

I was recently (March 1-8) on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica, organized and led by Dawn Balfour. What a wonderful experience! The retreat location (Pura Vida spa) was beautiful and restful, staff was excellent, the meals were healthy and delicious, and we had opportunities to enjoy interesting excursions. Dawn led 3 yoga sessions a day and we had an opportunity for breathing, meditation, mindfulness and revitalizing yoga. Dawn's yoga retreat to Costa Rica was a wonderful chance to recharge and revitalize, and I would definitely go back again!

              Kim, Barrie, Ontario


Prenatal Testimonals


I thought I would send you a quick email letting you know that I had 
the baby May 3. The labour lasted long but it did not 
feel that long. The breathing techniques that you worked on in the 
classes made the whole experience a positive one! Steve and I are 
thrilled with our little guy.  Thanks for all your support and wisdom.

                Ashley, Barrie, Ontario


I just wanted to let you know that Kenzie Elizabeth Anne was born October 9th at 12:50am. She was 8 lbs 10oz. I wanted to thank you for the fabulous prenatal yoga classes as they definitely helped. Kenzie was born 3 hrs after we arrived at the hospital, and I was able to deliver her completely natural, without any drugs :)
Please let me know when you have more information regarding the Mom and Baby retreat as Kenzie and I will definitely be there. :)

                 Serena, Barrie, Ontario



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