Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Comprehensive Yoga Therapy not only incorporates the Asanas (postures) that we are familiar with in the West but brings together all elements of the 8 limbs of Yoga to identify stressors and to create a practice that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.

These sessions may be required for varying reasons.  In my experience with an immune system issue which has been with me for many years and more recently with a herniated disc, I understand how a tailored private session can be therapeutic to help heal physically and emotionally. 

Here are some reasons for people to explore this option:

- To increase Fertility

- For depression/anxiety

- Yoga for Early Pregnancy

- To heal from injury

- To cope with and recover from Illness

Preparing for Group class setting

- Focussing on specific areas of the body that need healing

- Letting go of emotional blockages which manifest in the body

- Gaining confidence as a Beginner 

All sessions are an hour long and are held at different locations in Barrie or at your home.

We will work through any physical limitations as well as tuning into any blockages through the Chakra system helping you to build strength and confidence through the asanas (postures), deeper breathing and letting go.  The first session is more of an assessment and there is less movement and from the assessment we can build a practice that assists in healing on all levels.

All one-to-ones are $85 for one hour.

To book please call 705 721 1202 or email

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